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How does it Work?

The patented XMOSQUITO System uses a Dusk-Dawn controller, reservoir, mist line, nozzles, and risers to dispense pyrethrum solution over a determined area at times when mosquito activity is greatest. Nozzles will be installed in both harboraging and flight areas to control mosquitos. Three modes are available for hands-free or total-control operation.

 1. The automatic controller activates when the mosquitos are most active (dusk     and dawn) without having to constantly re-program a timer.

 2. Manual button activates on demand.

 3. A remote control is able to activate the system from up to 100 feet away.

Advantages of XMOSQUITO

  • Professional installation
  • Enjoy outdoor living, day, evening, and night
  • Expandable to accommodate new protection zones as your outdoor living area grows
  • Inconspicuous, yet highly effective, in the flight against mosquitos
  • Eliminates and repels mosquitos, flies, and gnats
  • Adaptable to any outdoor living area
  • System is customized, which gives you the flexibility to choose according to your needs and budget

Now Offering one-time mosquito control for all your
major outdoor events

  • Weddings                    Family Reunions   
  • Parties                        Barbeques
  • Etc.

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